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Quick Cash Plan

About this option: Upon closing, you will receive the full sale price without any traditional financing involved. We provide cash payment directly to you for your property. No fees or commissions to pay.

Upside: With our cash home sale we buy houses as is, so you can expect a swift and secure transaction within 10 days of clear title. Say goodbye to formal inspections, appraisals, and repairs, and enjoy a clean break from your property.

Downside: Selling a home through this method typically results in a lower sale price. However, our focus on big volume, not big profit, allows us to offer competitive cash deals.

Best for: Houses with at least 35% equity. Houses in poor or fair condition. Homeowners who want a certain and stress-free cash sale without making repairs or paying additional selling fees.

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Top Dollar Solution

About this option: With this leading house selling option, sellers can receive the current full market value of their home structured on payments over time. This allows homeowners to “become the bank” and receive an upfront payment as well as monthly income.

Upside: You can expect a certain sale with no formal inspections, appraisals, or repairs required. Enjoy the benefits of a higher sale price, sometimes above market value. Homeowners are paid three ways: through a down payment, monthly payments, and loan balance payoff. It’s a smart and flexible choice for selling your home.

Downside: With this method, homeowners do not receive 100% of the proceeds at closing, but they will receive a substantial down payment and another significant cash payoff at the end of the term.(which varies per seller).

Best for: Properties with no underlying mortgage balance or “free and clear”. Homes in good or fair condition. Homeowners who want the highest price and don’t need quick cash now.

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The Traditional Way

About this option: You will receive the sales price at closing less realtor commissions, closing costs and any buyer concessions. The majority of homebuyers in the market intend to use the property as their primary residence and typically rely on conventional bank financing to complete the purchase.

Upside: By exposing your property to a larger pool of potential homebuyers, you can receive multiple offers. Once a buyer’s loan is approved, you can finalize the sale and move on from the property.

Downside: Although it is a popular method, selling a house this way usually involves a waiting period of 60-90 days or more and up to 10% of the sales price going toward realtor commissions and closing costs! The process includes a home inspection, appraisal, and survey. The traditional mortgage lender may require the homeowner to make repairs. There is also no guarantee of a successful sale.

Best for: Properties with at least 15% equity and are in good condition. Homeowners who are not in immediate need of selling their property and have sufficient funds to carry out necessary repairs required by the lender.

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Working with them was very simple and effective, once I accepted their fair cash offer they handled everything efficiently and updated me throughout the process .”

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